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It’s funny how different seasons of life can bring more than you’ve ever dreamed of in the most unexpected ways. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be saying goodbye to my photography business at this point in my life, I would have laughed maniacally at such a preposterous statement. This was what I wanted to do forever. This was my biggest dream and passion and I had created such a romance with it. I had a set plan and a notebook full of dreams and ideas that would all come to fruition by the time I was 30. Then, life happened.

My husband and I have embarked on so much in our 3 years of marriage, and it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve held down two jobs at the same time for a while now, Zach is now in his 4th and last year of medical school, and as of March, we have the light of our lives, baby Luke. It has hit me like a ton of bricks that this time in our history is so precious and sacred, and while it’s unpredictable and sometimes stressful, we only get to live in this season once. Being a mom is transformative in so many ways, and I have never been more happy, empowered, and full of love. Our growing family is my greatest adventure, and I want to cherish every moment while I can. I’ve grown to stop dwelling on the “what-ifs” and uncertainty about various aspects of our life, and instead, be more grateful for the hidden blessings that have come our way, often because of the chaotic moments. I find myself meditating on the Serenity Prayer often, and it has offered such peace in my heart. Long story short, I’ve reached a point of wanting to simplify a lot of things in my life and enjoy the ride while I can.

I originally decided to take the year of 2014 off of photography to focus on adjusting to motherhood while still being a devoted employee at my full-time day job. I’ve had a lot of time to think and reflect throughout this transition which has guided me to make the difficult decision to close the door on Kris Boevers Photography indefinitely.

Maybe I’ll come back in a year, or two, or never. God only knows. I do know that if I come back, it will be when I feel that I can really devote the time and energy my clients deserve, and when I feel that I can really invest in the time to make it everything I’ve dreamed about. It’s strange to feel so at peace with this decision that I never thought I would make, but I feel that it’s the right one for this season of life. When you know, you know, right? I still plan to blog about our family adventures occasionally, and know that I’m not giving up photography, just the business. That being said, I want to express my sincerest gratitude to you all.

Friends, I can’t even begin to express my love and gratitude for all of you who have invested in me the past several years and trusted me with the honor of capturing your biggest and most precious life moments. It has been one of the most surprising, touching, and rewarding experiences of my life, and on top of that, I was able to pursue a real passion of mine. What started as a hobby was able to translate into something truly wonderful and successful that filled me with so much joy. I’ve met so many incredible people in this endeavor, and although I was just the photographer who took photos of you and your families every so often, I can’t express just how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of your family histories. Whether it was your engagement, wedding, pregnancy, kids, families, or all of the above, I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s an adventure I will always hold close to my heart and all of you have enriched my soul more than you know.

So, thank you. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for investing in me. Thank you for transforming my life.

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May 10, 2014
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In honor of Mother’s Day weekend, I want to share Luke’s birth story that documents the day I became a mother. It’s a day I will never forget, and I salute all the sweet mommas out there who have all endured the magic and insanity of child bearing that comes in many forms. May we always remember that no matter how differently we choose to raise our children, we all have the most important thing in common; we have an indescribable and fierce love for our babies that only mothers can understand. We’re in this together.

To my momma, thank you for giving me an incredible example of what a great mother and mom looks like. I cherish our friendship more than you’ll ever know. You are beautiful in every way one can be beautiful. Thank you for showing my sister and me how to love boldly and unconditionally.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I went about my normal work day and was getting everything ready for my maternity leave. My last day at work would be the next day. That afternoon, I posted on my blog the letter I wrote to Luke last April, before he was conceived. I had originally planned to post it sometime the following week, but I got the sudden urge to go ahead and publish the post. An hour after posting it (around 3:00 p.m.), I was wrapping up a meeting in my office, and when I walked to the door to see the guy out of my office, I felt a huge gush of fluid. It just kept coming. My pants were soaked. There was no doubt in my mind that my water had broken. I panicked. I kept my composure long enough to see the guy out of my office, but as soon as he left, I grabbed my keys and phone and ran to the bathroom, still gushing and still freaking out. OU was on spring break, so luckily no one was around to witness this comical event. I called Zach from the bathroom stall and the conversation was short and sweet. Zach: “Hello?” Me: “Hey honey. So, my water broke.” Zach: (pause) “I’m on my way”. End of conversation. I was shaking. I wanted to cry because I wasn’t prepared for this. I was only 38 weeks and thought I had at least another week or two to get ready! Besides, I was only dilated to a 1 as of the day before and was prepared to go overdue. I tried to breathe and stay calm, and I prayed. Ready or not, this was happening, and what a joy! I grabbed my things, tied a sweater around my waist to conceal my soaked jeans, and waddled across Boyd Street in Norman to my car. At this point, I wasn’t having any contractions. However, all logic went out the window, and I thought I had to walk slow and barely move my hips for fear the baby would fall out. Again, ALL logic went out the window. I’ve never wanted to get home so quickly, but of course, I got stuck behind a train on the way. I called my office to let them know that I wouldn’t be in the next day, then called the triage station at Children’s Hospital, and they told me I needed to come in right away. After a few more phone calls to Zach, my mom, and sister, I met Zach at home and we scrambled to pack our things (which we hadn’t done yet). I showered, Zach packed Scout’s (our dog) things and loaded the car, and we were on our way! Was this really happening today?! Still no contractions at this point, which was crazy to me. I always envisioned that my labor would start with contractions at home. Moreover, I never thought my water would break outside the hospital setting. Our “plans” were already changing so much, but it was ok. We got to the hospital around 5:00 p.m. and they checked me 3 times to make sure that it was indeed my water that broke (of course it was). They finally admitted us, and contractions started around 6:30 p.m. This was a relief since I was informed that once your water breaks, the baby usually needs to be delivered within 24 hours. We wanted a natural birth, and while I went into this process with low/realistic expectations that anything can happen and plans can change, I certainly wasn’t prepared for the now real possibility of a C-section and any other complications that could occur in the meantime. My best friend Kacie met us at the Triage room and we walked over to the labor suites. My blood pressure was high when we first got to the hospital because of the excitement/stress, but resolved itself within a couple of hours as I relaxed and accepted the turn of events. Contractions were very manageable for the rest of the night, but while they were longer, stronger and more frequent, I still wasn’t dilating past a 1. The midwife recommended that we use a Foley bulb to help progress dilation, and I complied. It was very uncomfortable, but it got me to a 3. By midnight, things still weren’t progressing, even though contractions were getting more painful. I did my best to stay mentally and emotionally calm, and Zach talked me through every contraction, giving me constant encouraging affirmations.

Friday, March 21, 2014

I labored all through the night, and Zach was the most amazing coach. He did everything we learned in our Bradley Method classes, and fought through his fatigue to be there for me. Contractions were getting stronger and more painful, but I couldn’t stay awake between them. I was torn. I knew that I could help things progress if I powered through and walked around/tried different exercises, but my body was demanding rest, which ended up being what I needed later to compensate for Zach’s exhaustion. It was a tiring routine of me dozing off while Zach helped me try different means of natural induction, then waking up for a contraction in which Zach coached me through. I was constantly having to scale the same mountain, but Zach kept me on track. It didn’t leave much time at all in the meantime for Zach to take care of himself via eating, resting, or taking bathroom breaks. Needless to say, he sacrificed a lot to take care of me during these rough overnight hours. He kept encouraging me to visualize sitting at home as a family after all of this was over… holding our cooing and beautiful son. He kept telling me he loved me and was proud of me. It was exactly what I needed for motivation to press on. Around 4:00 a.m., the midwife recommended I go on a Pitocin drip to get things moving. While I wanted to avoid Pitocin, I wanted to deliver Luke sooner than later to avoid complications. We agreed that we needed to do it. They started with 2 drops and contractions got very painful very fast. I was starting to doubt my ability to deliver naturally and was starting to verbalize it to Zach, which was discouraging for both of us. This stage was harder than I expected as the Pitocin took the pain to an entirely new level. At one point, I remember desperately yelling out, “Honey, it hurts so bad! I can’t do this!” Even more discouraging was the fact that Luke was having late decelerations (his heart rate was dropping after each contraction, a sign of fetal distress), which meant that we needed something to happen fast, or else a C-section was inevitable. With Zach being medically minded, this greatly concerned him, but he remained my partner and continued to cheer me on, even though I know he wanted me to get an epidural to help with the pain. We pressed on though, and along with putting me on oxygen for the baby and hooking him up to fetal monitors, they increased the Pitocin to 4 drops. My body was not a fan of this, as proven by uncontrollable shaking and a brief vomiting spell. Things went into overdrive at this point. I was only dilated to a 6, but during these contractions, by body (not me) was starting to push. The nurse and Zach were both telling me to stop pushing, and they didn’t understand that I was not voluntarily doing anything. My body was doing all of the work. It was so painful, and we were so exhausted from laboring through the night. Finally, the midwife came in since I was insisting that my body was doing the pushing, and alas! I had dilated from a 6 to a 10 in 20 minutes. WHOA. My body then started to push HARD to the point of me thinking I might burst from the pressure. This was the most difficult part for me, as I felt like I had no control over anything. I couldn’t even catch a breath between pushing, and I was making the most ungodly noises with each push that not even I recognized. The midwife was updating us on the progress, and I remember completely doubting her when she said we had one more push to go. It was such a blur, but after about 30 minutes of pushing, the most amazing thing happened. Luke Zachary Smith was born at 8:44 a.m., weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long. Time stood still. We did it. All of the pain and exhaustion immediately went away as soon as the midwife handed me our son. I was FINALLY holding our son. This sweet baby I had been praying over for so long was in my arms. I could see what he looked like. I could hear his cry. I could feel him breathe. This miracle that I carried for 9 months was real and perfect. Zach and I looked at each other both shocked and relieved, and I felt like the world stood still. I didn’t know what was going on around me and I didn’t care. I was in heaven. I’ve never felt such an overwhelming love. We REALLY did it. Our baby boy had arrived, we were both healthy, and we did it naturally. Together. I couldn’t have done it without my incredible, patient, loving and handsome husband, and it brought us closer in a way I never thought possible. People tried to tell us how amazing this moment would be, and we finally understood.

I looked down at our sweet babe and wondered how people can doubt the existence of God. The gift of life is an absolute miracle, and I praise Jesus for allowing us to be this baby boy’s parents. We get to have a front row seat to witness Luke experience everything for the first time as he grows with the magic that comes with childhood wonder. What an unbelievable and undeserved blessing. “Luke” is said to mean “light” or “bringer of light”, and that is exactly what he is. Life has just begun, not only for Luke, but for his mom and dad who adore him more than words can say, and whose lives are much brighter because of his arrival.

Sweet child of mine, we are going to have so much fun together.

(Photos courtesy of my bestie, Kacie)

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Mar 20, 2014
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As Zach and I prepare for the arrival of our sweet boy, Luke, I’ve been reflecting on the past year and the roller coaster we’ve been on throughout this pregnancy. For a quick recap of some of the obstacles we’ve faced the past nine months; I battled all-day “morning” sickness from weeks 8-19, my family lost my precious Uncle Jerry to pancreatic cancer, my sweet cousin Layton to a sudden and turbulent battle with Leukemia, and most recently, my childhood pup and best buddy, Daisy. It’s been a wild ride of emotions to say the least, but there have been many blessings along the way as well, including the incredible outpouring of support and excitement from our family and friends. The more we reflect, the more we thank God for the timing of this baby… he has already brought us so much joy and an unbelievable amount of hope. All in all, I have been blessed to have had a wonderful pregnancy, and we are anxious to meet our son any day now! I wanted to share the first letter I wrote to our unborn child, which was written 2 1/2 months before we found out we were pregnant. I want to remember this precious time forever.



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Baby,

This may be strange, but I feel the need and desire to write this letter to you today. You see, after this week, your daddy and I are going to put your life in God’s hands and hope that He decides that it’s your time to start cookin’! We have talked about you so much already sweet baby… our hopes for your life, our fears, our excitement, even our doubts that we will be good parents. We are both terrified and thrilled! We know that you could happen at any time, or it could take a while. Either way, we trust God’s timing completely, and either way, know that you are already a part of our lives. We have been praying for you since your dad and I first started talking about kids while we were dating. We would laugh and cry about our future family as we would sit up late dreaming and talking about our future together… God has shown us time and time again how His timing is perfect and His plans are GOOD, even in the face of tragedy and hard times. Things always work out the way they are supposed to, and I have to keep reminding myself of this as we begin this journey of bringing you into the world.

There is no way of knowing when God wants us to meet you, but in this strange/exciting/scary/exhilarating time of uncertainty, there are a few things I am certain of sweet baby, hence why I am writing this to you now…

  1. God is good, all the time.
  2. Your daddy is the most wonderful and caring man I know and he will be the best dad and father to you. You have hit the jackpot with him as your dad. He will make you laugh and feel love EVERY SINGLE DAY. Of this, I am completely certain…
  3. You will belong to an incredible family of grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. They will teach you how to love, fight, and how to always be there for each other. They will love you unconditionally.
  4. You will have a second family full of incredible friends your dad and I have been blessed to have in our lives. They will all be like aunts and uncles to you, and they will teach you so much about life and what it means to truly embrace the people you love.
  5. I will make mistakes as a mother. We will fight. You will be annoyed by me. I will say things I don’t really mean at times. There will be many days that you won’t want anything to do with me. All of this will happen, but I’m certain of this; you are my child, my baby, my world. There is NOTHING I won’t do for you. I will hold you when you’re people break your heart, take care of you when you’re sick, laugh and play with you, fight for you, and I will ALWAYS be there for you… NO MATTER WHAT. There is no earthly person in the entire world who will love you more than me, because no matter what, I will always be your momma, and I praise God for that sweet gift. You are mine, and I am yours precious baby… forever and ever.
  6. Last thing, and most important. Your dad and I have no clue what we are doing, but we are going to do our absolute best to raise you to be an astounding human being. While this may sound like a lot of pressure, know that our biggest expectation of you is to thrive as the person God created you to be, in whatever form that may be. Some advice to achieve that? Be adventurous. Be curious. Be humble. Be confident in your own skin. Be strong in your faith and know why you believe what you believe. Ask questions. Take risks. Dream big. Be patient. Work hard. Be kind and share your light with others. Don’t take life too seriously. Know that it’s ok to cry. If you fall, get up and try again. Love others for who they are, even if they think and act differently than you. And most importantly, put your faith and trust in God, even when you don’t want to. We will fumble and have many times when we’re unsure how to direct you, and that’s ok, because there will be many times where only you can and should direct your path. Just know that our intentions are good and we will never stop supporting and loving you unconditionally. We already love you so much. You are wanted and will always be wanted by us. We are your champions and you are ours.

We don’t know what will happen or when you’ll arrive, but we know it’s all part of God’s amazing grace. We can’t fully prepare for you, but we are ready baby, ready for this journey to begin.

Know how ridiculously loved you already are.

Love, Momma

Oct 01, 2013
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I am so excited to share with you all that my husband and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy at the end of March/early April! We are absolutely thrilled! I’ve been pretty off the grid lately as I’ve been navigating this whole pregnancy business that has taken its toll on my changing body, as it does with all pregnant women! The all-day nausea, morning sickness, constant hunger combined with no appetite, aches and other awesome bodily functions I won’t mention (you’re welcome) have sent me into survival mode to keep up with my job and life events in general. While it’s been uncomfortable and frustrating a lot of the time, I can’t explain the utter joy I feel despite all the discomfort. I’ve never prayed more in my life or meditated more than I have these past 14 weeks. This phase in my life right now allows me a lot of alone time, and while I thrive on social interaction, I’ve been so blessed by this time to really process where we are in our lives at this very moment. It’s been a unique and beautiful blessing and I’ll always cherish this precious time for many reasons, which is a big reason why we’ve waited to share our news until now! Now we can’t wait to find out if we’re having a boy or girl… Either way, we praise God for this amazing gift! (UPDATE: IT’S A BOY!)Untitled-1
My best friend, Kacie, called me yesterday to say that she was going to be in town and she was at our disposal to take photos for our announcement if we wanted. We haven’t been putting it off, but getting me to feel better has been our top priority rather than an announcement. In all honesty, she didn’t really give us a choice because she’s been just as excited for us to share the news as we’ve been! Luckily, Kacie came to the rescue as she always does and snapped the photos below for us last night in our backyard and we are so grateful! We are also so overwhelmingly grateful for the outpouring of love everyone has shown us just since last night! Our hearts are so full from the love you all have shown and we can’t wait to share this journey with you all! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!Untitled-1
I absolutely adore every one of my clients and their constant support, so first of all, thank you for always being so great and supportive! I’ve made the tough decision to not take any weddings or portrait sessions for 2014 besides the couple I have already committed to. I may announce the occasional opportunity to book a session at various points in 2014, but I will let everyone know when I’m back to a regular schedule. While this is a tough decision, my family comes first and I want to take as much time as possible to spend with this new little one while I can, so thanks for understanding!Untitled-1
Here are some of the photos Kacie took last night. Thanks lady! We sure do love you and your family!Untitled-1
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Jul 15, 2013
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The second leg of our trip took us up to Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado, where we ate, hiked, biked, and explored. It was gorgeous! I’m discovering a trend in my travels each year… something about the west always draws me in and beckons me to come. It has such a hold on me and it always will. Enjoy!


Jul 15, 2013
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A couple of weeks ago, Zach and I took some much needed time off and traveled west. We had such a fun time during our week full of great sights, great food, great weather, great entertainment, and most of all, great company. Santa Fe was our first stop, and though we were only there for one full day and evening, there was so much to see. After an unforgettable margarita and meal at The Shed restaurant our first night, we plopped down on the grass in the Plaza, ate ice cream, and listened to a couple of great bands as part of their summer concert series. It was a summer evening for the books! The art was beautiful and the food was even more incredible. Here are some favorites from our time in Santa Fe!


May 10, 2013
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My handsome husband is 25 today! I really don’t know what I would do without him. He is a special gift from God and I’m so thankful we were brought together by the powers that be. I’m so ridiculously proud of all Zach has accomplished in his 25 short years of life, and it blows my mind to see how hard he is working to achieve his dreams of becoming a doctor. I don’t know how he manages to stay so level, calm and driven, all the while being an incredible husband who shows me so much love and support EVERY SINGLE DAY. How I managed become the proud wife of this smart, hilarious, sweet and devilishly handsome man is beyond me, but I praise God for the endless joy he brings to our lives. He fills my heart so full. Today is about celebrating the wonderful man he is and will continue to be. Zach, I’m so proud of you and I love you with all of my heart.

Thank you for being wonderful you.


May 02, 2013
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A few weeks ago, I was in Colorado with my family to shoot a wedding, and we were blessed to be able to drop by my sweet grandparents’ home. Though distance keeps us from seeing them as much as we would like, I can’t help but feel right at home when we get the chance to visit. They have always lived a very simple, but full life. They have created an incredible family legacy that I’m proud to be a part of. I will cherish the many moments I have sat in tears from laughing with my grandma as we hold hands on her couch, the moments I have sat in awe of the incredible stories my grandpa has lived to tell, the moments where I have stood outside feeling so small against the fortress of logs my grandpa has prepared for their wood-burning stove, the moments where the most epic rounds of Pitch have been played around the same table we have snapped gallons and gallons of green beans on (again, in tears from laughing) and the moments where nothing has been more comforting than eating my grandma’s incredible cooking. I adore my grandparents so much.

Being a photographer makes me want to capture everything I see because I am constantly stimulated and inspired by the sights around me. However, there are too many moments that simply can’t be captured as they deserve to be. Their home is one of those places. A place that can’t be described by words or captured in pictures, and I mean that in the best of ways. That being said, I still wanted to grab a couple of shots that make me feel like I’m there whenever I’m missing them. These are just a few captures of the spaces where so many memories have been made. Remember how Kirsten Dunst’s character in the movie “Elizabethtown” snaps imaginary photos with her hands when there is an iconic moment or memory she never wants to forget? This is the same idea, only I want to try to permanently capture these moments and spaces. I hope to have more posts in the future that display the same idea with a series called, “Remember This”. The idea is that whenever I reach a place where I need a reminder of what really matters in my life, I can come back to these photos and savor them for all they hold.

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Sep 05, 2012
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This last July, my dad took me on my first trout bum trip in the Sierra Nevada. Not only did we hit 7 rivers in 4 days (The Little Truckee, The Truckee, The Carson, The Walker, The Owens, Hot Creek, and The San Joaquin), but we took 2 days to explore Yosemite National Park. My family shares a love of nature as it is, but we especially love the writings of John Muir and I love learning about all of his many adventures. Yosemite was a place he loved and wrote about in such a beautiful and poetic way, and I have always wanted to see it for myself. It was astounding. There are no words to fully describe its grandeur, and every photo almost made me mad as they never did it justice. Everyone needs to visit this part of the country.
We traveled down Highway 395, also known as “The Trout Route”. We stayed in small towns along the way and made sure to experience the local “flavor”, including a campsite concert in Markleeville, CA with local bluegrass bands. Talent included the vocals of “Beans” Sousa, a woman they call “Prairie Flower” with her painted upright bass in all of the colors of the rainbow, and a “Cactus Bob”. All under the stars. It was awesome to say the least. We also made sure to visit every fly shop along the way, which is always the best! Other highlights included seeing Lake Tahoe, Devil’s Postpile and the Mariposa Grove of giant sequoia trees just south of Yosemite. Though we didn’t have any luck with the fish, I’ll never forget this trip with my Pops. There is nothing better than being a trout bum in the west for a week. Enjoy some of the highlights below. The last shot of me was taken by my dad in the San Joaquin River.
I can’t even begin to describe how incredible this was to be a part of. My best friend of 11 years, Kacie, and her dashing hubby Kaleb, gave birth to a perfect 7 pound 8 ounce baby girl named Roslyn Kate on Tuesday, July 10th. When they first asked me to be in the room with them, I really didn’t know if it was my place to be there, even though Kacie is pretty much a sister to me and I wanted to be in there. Moreover, they wanted me to photograph the birth, which was something completely new to me. I had never seen a birth before, let alone photograph one! I felt honored that they asked me to be a part of such an intimate and personal time for them, but I was still nervous and unsure about it until the day arrived when I got the message that they were at the hospital. Then, I was overflowing with excitement.

BIRTH STORY (according to me)
Upon my arrival to the hospital around 10:00 a.m., Kacie was handling every contraction with such ease. She would simply close her eyes and take deep breaths, and Kaleb never left her side. Roslyn’s heartbeat never wavered, and we could all tell that she was going to be a strong baby. Kacie was completely focused the entire time and really knew how to relax her body and breath through the pain. Her doula was fantastic, and helped her relax. Even more than the birth itself, this process was the most amazing part of the day to me. She was a champion about to be a mother, and regardless of the pain, she handled it all with astounding grace. Keep in mind, she had a completely drug-free, natural birth. No pain killers. Just faith.

Once her water broke, things started moving very quickly. The pain was stronger, and Roslyn was making her way down. Kacie sat in a bath for a while, and I stepped out to update the soon-to-be grandparents. I don’t think I was out for more than 10 minutes, but when I got back to the room, things had drastically changed. She was completely dilated and ready to push. After moving to the bed, Kacie started pushing even though her body was naturally doing all the work. We could see the top of Roslyn’s head for a while, and then I literally had to do a double take. BOOM. Baby. I think I even said, “WHOA” because it happened so fast. Roslyn came out with her hand to her face and immediately outstretched it like a super hero. She came out completely alert and screaming, which for the moment, was the best sound in the world. After 9 months of preparing, talking, praying, anticipating; she was really here.

It was the most emotional moment of my life. What an incredible miracle. I couldn’t see through my camera because of uncontrollable tears. My heart was beating so fast, and it took my breath away. It was completely insane and beautiful, and it felt like every possible emotion was surging through my body. I can’t even imagine what mom and dad were feeling.
After spending time with momma, the doctors had to take Roslyn away to tend to Kacie and some unexpected bleeding. Kaleb stayed with his wife, so devoted to her. I went over with the baby to get all of her measurements and such, and after she was cleaned up, I got to hold her, but not before Roslyn grasped my finger around her sweet little tiny hand. You’ll see that photo below. I lost all control and big time ugly cried. No, ugly sobbed. Blubbered even. It was amazing. Kacie and Kaleb handled everything with such a calm over them, even though I know they were thinking about and feeling so many things. I am so beyond proud of them. I had no doubts that they would be incredible parents, but after seeing them go through the day as they did, I can tell you that Roslyn is a lucky little girl.

So, that’s my version of the birth story, and without further hesitation, here are some of the photos of this beautiful day.
Welcome to the world sweet Roslyn Kate. You are so ridiculously loved and adored.