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Mar 13, 2014
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Feb 21, 2014
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This post is insanely overdue (as are most of my posts), but I can’t help but smile when I think about these two! Aaron and PJ are a match made in heaven! PJ is one of my very best friends and former roommate. During my time living with her, I learned what an amazing and unique spirit she has. This lady loves to love, and there aren’t many people in this world that can hold a candle to her compassion and ability to embrace people. When someone in her life is hurting, she physically and emotionally hurts with them. While this behavior seemed strange to me at first, I grew to envy it, as it’s simply a sign of what a huge heart she has. I’ve lost count of how many times I have laughed and cried with her, and I hold her friendship so dear to my heart. She is one of my sisters and always will be. All that being said, she deserves the absolute best in this world, especially in a man. Aaron IS that man. It brings so much joy to my heart to see my friend so happy with this guy who looks at her like she hung the moon. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it (thanks pregnancy hormones…) and I will treasure the time I got to capture their relationship with these photos! They got married last month and I couldn’t be happier for these two love birds! Enjoy a few favorites from their engagement session.

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Feb 21, 2014
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Feb 21, 2014
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Mar 01, 2013
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These two are the greatest! We had a great time battling the wind this past weekend, and it’s clear to me that these two are a great match. I’m so excited for their future together and I wish them all the best! Cheers to Scott and Tara!

Mar 01, 2013
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Words can’t express how happy I am for these two lovebirds! I’ll start by saying that most of my favorite memories from high school involve Seth in some way. In addition, he ended up living with my husband freshman year in college, which led to some interesting, awkward and always hilarious times. Throughout our friendship, each of us has gone through our series of hard times and joyful times, and no matter what, I know we’ll always be there for each other. It’s the kind of effortless friendship that means we can pick up where we left off, be weird, and always find something to laugh about. I’ll always consider him to be the brother I never had. All that being said, the thought of a girl coming into his life made me somewhat protective. However, Kristi is the most gorgeous, caring, sweetest, and overall most adorable woman with the BEST smile! Together, they are perfection, and that makes a sister happy. I’m so excited to photograph their wedding this summer, and I wish them all the happiness in the world! Congrats Seth and Kristi!

May 14, 2012
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Words cannot express how much I adore this couple, as we have been so fortunate to have these two as friends! Their session could not have happened on a more beautiful fall evening in Oklahoma. I’m pretty sure I smiled and giggled all the way through the editing process of their session. Just look at them; they are in lurve love! I can’t wait to capture their wedding this month and share more moments with John and Kayley with you. The world would be a more beautiful place with love like theirs. Congrats friends!


Jan 21, 2012
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A few favorites from Jordan and Kristen’s engagement session a while back! Love these two!


Nov 09, 2011
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These two have a contagious energy… Engagement sessions are so much fun because it really is a time for couples to be completely smitten with each other. Being able to capture that is such a joy, especially with couples like Mitchell and Sarah! I left this session completely giddy and excited for these two, because they expressed so much genuine love for each other. Both of them were glowing the entire time! I am so excited to capture their wedding… In the meantime, enjoy Mitchell and Sarah!

Oct 09, 2011
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Today is a rainy day at home, and I feel the urge to blog. I wanted to post something that brought some sunshine to today, and Jared and Madison’s engagement session accomplished just that! We had a great time going around the downtown OKC and Arcadia, OK. It was pretty warm out with this summer being the hottest in state history, but they did great! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in January… these two are wonderful! Enjoy!