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Nov 28, 2010
posted in Business
Remember this name: MICHAEL HITSMAN. Hitsman (pronounced “heights-men”) ties are on the move! I love nothing more than seeing people pursue a talent and passion that turns into a complete success. Hitsman and I have talked several times about his budding business of designing the classiest ties I’ve ever seen, and I was so honored to be able to photograph his first line and design his first logo! This guy knows style, and simply likes to step it up a notch when it comes to dress. Therefore, he’s created a line of neck-ties that are causing a buzz. 

These ties are LEGIT. Seriously! It’s not a fat tie or a super-skinny tie… it’s JUST RIGHT! Perfect for casual and/or dressy attire. Starting a business can be scary, and I’ve been amazed to see Hitsman’s success… this is something to invest in and LOVE. Be sure to check out his website HERE. You can also buy these gems at Cayman’s in Norman, and the new OKC shop featuring local artists called “OK-LA“. You can see his interview with Fox 25 News here! New items outside of ties are in his future plans, and there just might be a feature with GQ Magazine in the works as well… 🙂 With Christmas around the corner, these are great gifts, and remember these when it comes to dressing your groomsmen!

I wouldn’t post such a big pitch for something if I didn’t fully believe in it, and I truly believe that these will be big! Michael Hitsman (pictured in the first photo) is not only super talented, but he is a great person… who wouldn’t want to invest in that?

Just remember, in the eloquent words of ZZ Top, “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man…”

Nov 17, 2010
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LOVE these two! Not only are these two made for each other, but they are so much fun to be around! Such sweet spirits with a zest for life! They were so chill and excited about the session, and that’s what makes my job so much fun. My heart melted with them… it’s so clear to me that these two really adore each other. I can’t wait for their wedding! Enjoy Corey and Amber!

Nov 11, 2010
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Jonathan and Erica make me so happy! I love the dynamic these two have together…sweet, fun, loving, comfortable, and warm. These two are made for each other in every way. I loved their personalities and their ambitions. They are one of those couples that will be successful in their individual lives, but will be even stronger because they are together, and that’s such an important thing! So excited for the lives these two will go on to lead as husband and wife… Best of luck Jonathan and Erica!

Nov 06, 2010
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I can never say this enough, but I LOVE my job! This time of year always gets so busy with school and sessions for Christmas cards, and it’s so easy for me to get overwhelmed with the weekends that are full of shooting. However, it brings me so much joy to be able to capture the personalities of kids. One of the things I love most about them, no matter the age, is their playful and curious nature. Whether it’s a newborn who’s just discovered their tongue, a 6-month old who is fascinated with dirt and grass, or a 5-year old who loves to talk about what he’s learning in Kindergarten… It’s beautiful. I’m always reminded to take the time to appreciate and adore the simple things in life. I miss that innocence, but I also know that no matter how old we get, that innocence is still there. Somewhere. In all of us. I had so many great family sessions this fall, and I decided to include a little peek at each of them in one lovely post. Enjoy, and I hope you take the time to be silly, be curious, and be in awe of this lovely world… 🙂



Austin & Garrett


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